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Custom Interfaces
Do you want to embed a map into a current application, or create a new application to view geographic data?

Server programming
Looking for a way to generate images on the fly as part of a server program.

Building Utilities
Describes how a developer could use the toolkit to create custom utilities to perform some action on available data.

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The GISToolkit is a free java based mapping toolkit, it has the ability to read geographical data from a variety of data sources and display that information to the user.   It can directly edit geographic features stored in databases to which it has access.

! New Version Released 2.8.1
Sunday July 27, 2003
Version 2.8.1 of the GISToolkitEditor was released today.  It includes many bug fixes from the previous revision, and is sporting a new Oracle datasource that edits data directly from the Oracle-Locator database.  The datasource was tested against oracle 9i.
! New Version Released 2.8
Monday June 02, 2003
Version 2.8 of the GISToolkit was released today.  Significant new functionality has been added to the toolkit and this is reflected in the editor.
BugBug in Editor 2.5
Thursday May 1 2003
The Terraserver imagery interface does not operate correctly with Java 1.4.0, or 1.4.1. However it will work with Java 1.4.2. Read the Java Bug for details.4786588
BugBug in Editor 2.5
Friday November 15 2002
The new layers dialog will not appear if JAI is not installed.  The solution is to download and install JAI then re-run the editor.
!New Version Released 2.5
Wednesday Oct 09, 2002
Version 2.5 of the GISToolkit was released today with accompanying Editor and Server versions also available.  Significant new functionality has been added to the toolkit and this is reflected in the applications.

GeoTools is an open source java toolkit for developing interactive geographical maps.

OGIS is an International industry group attempting to define interoperability standards for GIS tools and services.
GeoServer is a direct compeditor of the GisToolkit server, and has some interesting features as well.
If you are interested in the vast and diverse freely available GIS projects out there, then check out this site.