Custom Interfaces.

When building custom interfaces, such as imbeding a viewer into a current application, the main package that you will be concerning yourself with is the display package.  This package contains classes that are used for rendering geographic objects on a user interface for viewing purposes.  

The datasources package also will be usefull as it contains most (but not all) of the data sources available for use with the toolkit.  You can create your own datasources as well.  When creating a custom interface though mostly the datasources are only used as the producer of geometric objects.  

The generic steps that need to be taken are.
1. Embed a GISDisplay in the application, it extends JPanel.
2. Create a new Layer giving it the datasource for the desired data.
3. Create a new Style with the desired Renderers, Labelers, and Shader (these affect the way the layer is viewed.
4. Add the layer to the GISDisplay.
5. Set the extents of the map to the area to be viewed.

If more than one layer is to be displayed, repeat steps 2-4 for each layer.

A step by step example application will be appended eventually.