GISToolkit Editor 2.8

Changes for 2.8
   There are many new features with GISToolkit Editor 2.8. 

Speed improvements - The basic geographic objects used within the GISToolkit have been rearchitected for speed, and for large datasets using large objects, this has resulted in a large speed improvement.  Also, some concurrency issues have been identified and resolved with reprojections, and Imagery layers.
Imagery - There are several new imagery layers that can display georeferenced tiffs, and jpegs.
MySQL Datasources.
   With version 4.1 the MySQL database has added support for geographic objects within the database.  The release is still in alpha at this state, but I have found it usefull and convenient to use.  My congratulation to the MySQL team for their support of open standards, and their intuative integration of those into their database.

Additionally, numerious minor bugs have been fixed since 2.5  Numerious additional bugs have (no doubt) been introduced.