GIS Toolkit Server

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What is it:
    The GISToolkitServer is a simple Web Map Server (WMS), based on the OGC web map service specification.  It is not compliant with the specification, thought it is very close.  Most client software probably not be able to tell the difference.

    Administration of the GISToolkitServer is very easy as it provides a web based interface for that purpose.  All configuration is stored on the server, and the configuration can be added from the web interface.  Data sources, can be added dynamically, and colors and shading can be updated without requiring a down time for maintenance.  

    All maps are generated within the web server, in separate threads.  For this reason, the map server will scale well across multiple processors, though there is no current consideration for scaling across multiple servers.

    The web server can be accessed using HTTP Get requiests over a tcpip network.  There are currently several applications that use Tomcat along side the GISToolkitServer to provide added functionality around the maps provided by this server.  The standard WMS clients can access this server over the network, or the GISToolkitServer provides a simple client as part of the package.
The web server provides the following datasources:
Turnkey Solution:
    The GISServer though very simple at the moment should provide a good and easy starting point for providing maps using the OGC interface, or the built in client.